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TuffRider Comfort Country Breeches

Pull on breeches given the traditional look with a false fly front and belt loops. Perfect for the show ring or schooling when at home. List price: $34.95

Includes: 2 tubes EquiMax® Paste – Ivermectin/Praziquantel combo 2 tubes Exodus® Paste – Pyrantel Pamoate 2 tubes Bimectin® Paste – Ivermectin ——————————— Example of 3-Way Wormer Rotation ——————————— Jan/Feb – Pyrantel Pamoate Mar/Apr – 1.87% Ivermectin May/June – Praziquantel Combo (for tapeworms) July/Aug – Pyrantel Pamoate Sept/Oct – 1.87% Ivermectin Nov/Dec – Praziquantel Combo (for tapeworms) ————————————- Talk to your vet before changing your worming schedule. Your vet should know the risks for your animal and your area. List price: $47.70

Gatsby Fancy Raised Bridle

Beautifully crafted from supple, pre-conditioned leather. This bridle is a fancy stitched raised leather bridle and has white stitching on it, it comes with plain laced reins which have hook studs for the attachment of a bit. Measures: List price: $55.95

This treeless saddle is made from synthetic material, it has removable cantle and pommel, soft padded seat and straps for the attachment to the dressage girth, It will come in Black and brown color. It has removable and attachable seat for the comfort. This treeless takes the shapes of the horse back and so is very comfortable for the horse and the rider. This saddle has very soft padding beneath along with fur lining to provide extra comfort to the horse. This complete set includes Saddle + western Fender + Dressage Girth List price: $219.00

Horse Riding in Fez, Morocco

Horse Riding in Fez… See on Source:

SILVER FOX Padded Snaffle Bridle with SUPER GRIP REIN

Quality show bridle made in the traditional English style. Crafted of handsome quality leather meant to last for years, hand rubbed and finished. Bridle features finely detailed raised leather on the padded browband and caveson. Supple and well oiled, ready to put to use! Buckle Closures on bit ends. Complete with Super Grip reins. Designed with the latest technology. Unique 7/8″ web reins have a rubber cord woven into the web offering the rider the most secure grip ever Available in black or brown in horse size. *** Pictured bit not included. List price: $46.00

– This treeless saddle is made from best quality synthetic material – This is our most popular saddle – Saddle’s flex tree adjusts to horse’s back as well as rider’s shape, eliminating all pressure points and making it a highly comfortable saddle both for the horse and the rider. – Our customers happy emails to us contain phrases such as “million thanks”, “my saddle search is over”, “can’t believe how comfortable it is for me and my horse”, “I was able to ride much longer” – Made from best quality synthetic material – Very light weight saddle just 2 kg  [ Read More ]

NEW Black Flat Hunt Leather Snaffle Bridle w Laced Rein

Quality Flat Snaffle bridle made in the classic style. Supple and well oiled, ready to put to use! Complete with laced leather reins. Hook closures on bit ends. Size HORSE SIZE. Color: Black. Pictured bit not included. List price: $23.90

Source Original Powder 30lb

SOURCE Micronutrients – Original Dry Meal Formula – The expanding depletion of our agricultural soils means that even today’s finest feed ingredients are increasingly micronutrient deficient. The oceans are nature’s richest storehouse of micronutrients. Certain marine plants, unlike plants grown on our agricultural soils, contain the broadest spectrum of trace minerals and other bioactive micronutrients of any plants on earth. SOURCE Micronutrients are totally natural and derived and concentrated from careful selection of these extraordinary marine plants. Our unique harvesting and processing is dedicated to preserving the maximum bioactivity of these natural materials. Every component undergoes extensive independent laboratory testing  [ Read More ]

Oster Equine Care Series 7-Piece Grooming Kit, Pink

Oster ECS Line of Grooming Tools feature control touch handles that are ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue. These one-of-a kind grooming tools are made to last and offer uncompromising results in horse grooming. List price: $69.99